27 April 2010

German Colour Test

Did some work on my Mech Grenadiers over the weekend- finally got a few figs done! Here is the final versions of the Summer and Autumn cam schemes. I'm pretty happy with the way they came out.

EDIT - I also found this rather useful How To at Warlord Games:


  1. Wunderbar! I hate painting German camo - that looks dead brill!

  2. Stooooooop... please! I promised my wife no more impulse purchases on the credit card and then you start doing this...

    Great work by the way.

  3. Thanks fellahs! More to follow very shortly.

    Dont make promises you know you cant keep Timbo!

  4. Love the camo. Try a very light drybrush of a bone colour to tone it down. I do that on my figures and it gives them that dusty look you see in most photo's of WW2 Germans.