26 October 2009

With the Strength of a warm Mars bar...

I went into the local GW store today, a rare thing for me, but I needed to get some minor supplies to implement the new Deathwing painting scheme kindly shared by Ron. Honestly, Devlan Mud Wash and a light tan colour was all I needed - $12 tops.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: I just need some Devlan Mud wash and Komando Khaki, thanks

Me: Tell me more about how to use these inks

Me again: Yes, they do sound good, perhaps I will take the boxed ink set
(a reasonable escalation at this point I think).

Me: Yes, perhaps you're right, maybe I do need an ink brush, my others are getting a little tatty
(you can see where this is going)

Me still: Do you have any of the White Dwarf issue with the Space Hulk articles ? - I missed that one.
(Alert: moral fortitude crumbling)

Me: Whats that? You have the last copy of Space Hulk in Canberra? No others available? Nah, I'm pretty good actually - I still have all my 1st Edition stuff. Sure I'll have a look in your store copy.
(Warning: collapse imminent!!!)

Me: Yeah wrap all that up, thanks. Here's my credit card...

Now to advise SWMBO :-) At least I didn't forget got the two paints I was after!
Shame and happiness rolled into one...!


  1. ...resistance is futile... at least you haven't succumbed and grabbed TWO sets!!! See? You really are a pillar of moral fortitude!!!

    Going to try the Deathwing scheme from your guides tomorrow... will post pics if they're worthy.

  2. Its a good friend who finds a way to ease the burden :-)

    Primed my DW Squad this morning, basecoating now.

  3. Don't worry, your guilt won't last long... My wife was kinda miffed at me buying SH until she discovered that she liked playing it!

  4. You are both appalling...but looking forward to our first game with the new sets!! :)

  5. Space Hulk
    Man versus Shop Assistant in desperate battle

  6. Hooray for shame/happiness! SHAPPYNESS! Just think of it like this. Now you can practice your speed painting even MORE!

  7. Dark Forces are at work down under then?!

    What I am about to unveil then will be complete heresy!

    I dont about facing Broodlords and such like but how did you get around SWMBO?

  8. In the grim darkness of the credit card statement, there is only grovelling!

  9. ...and flowers...and chocolates...and dinner for two....according to SWLWM (She WHo Lives With Me)

  10. and SWCBI (she who cannot be ignored!)

  11. LOL, thats why I rarely set foot inside a GW store - I tend to come out with the entire LOTR back-catologue trailing after me in endless carrier bags...!