05 October 2009

Southern Australian Mancave Update

School holidays, and what better time to continue the education of one's children in the Art of War? :) No's 1 and 2 Daughter received their first lesson in 40K on the weekend, using a small infantry and one tank force for both the Orks and Chaos Space Marines. No.2 daughter appropriately commanded the forces of Chaos, whilst No.1 thought the Orks looked cool and mean :) Result was a narrow victory for the Chaos, which is particularly notable as No.1 daughter lost interest half way through (Mini Me (son) required assistane with the Playstation) and hence I stepped in to finish the Ork assault on the Chaos lines.


  1. Bravo-1 Slaaneshi cultist and 1 budding waboss for offspring - not bad! And dont feel too put out loosing to one's kids, happens to me all the time as you know!!!!

  2. Yes Comrade, I know that feeling all too well, I lose to your kids all the time too!!