27 October 2009

Landraider Conversions

Well, after you have painstakingly stripped and painted your new Terminators, if they ever survive their Space Hulk purge they will need a decent set of tracks to get around on the next planet...these are pics of one my mate did up to add lights...I'm glad to say it was destroyed by my Orc Warboss in the first game it played in, and as the first turn was under night fighting rules (Dawn of War) he of course turned the lights on for Turn 1! :)


  1. Indeed so - they are drying on the table as I type actually. Love the 'Raider and the lights in particular - did he use LEDs? Thats what I want to do to some of my Red Blok Walkers if I can find small enough batteries.

    Wonder if I could fit a red LED in the base under the new Brood Lord model...thats would be rather wicked!

  2. No LEDs, they are the small light you get from Dick Smith (about 40c each I think). I get the clear if I can then you can use the GW washes to colour them how you want. I used a double AAA battery holder and put in 4 of the Lithium batteries (2 really small that are 6volts each and 2 slightly larger that are 12 volts each) 1 of each adds up to a AAA size, and gives you lots of power to have lots and lots of lights...

  3. So those are incandescent bulbs then? How do you go with so much heat next to the plastic?

    Thanks for the extra detail Jase, your LR came up beautifully!

  4. I try to help him avoid this by taking out the Land Raider ASAP in any games :))))