29 October 2009

SH Battle Report - Mission I: Suicide Mission

Played within an hour of opening the box the other night, because we just had to get the fantastic new tiles into action right away. My veteran BA Terminators (of 1st edition era) loved crashing through the new hulk! The chittering Lad played the 'Stealers...
The Brood Lord awakens and stares me down pre-game.
(The cool little Skull box in the middle was a Christmas present from the lad last year - it makes a great holder for the Command Point chits!)
Rear Guard takes post in the nick of time
Sarge clears the Way
Sarge is Down! Protect our geneseed Bad time for a jam The Flank crumbles Cleansed but fallen....a Draw is declared!

Notes to self:
1. Get a black drop cloth - the wood grain is not worthy of the new tile awesomeness
2. 20 years of procrastination is enough - paint those bloody genestealers!!!
3. Rebase my old termies. Grass is just silly!


  1. Grass is a little odd which is why I opted for sand on the grounds you can call it dust.......;-) The black cloth as a base works really well - or even a midnight blue version - I am of course referring to the original tiles, not the new ones! I love the thickness of the new card stuff - very durable!

  2. Damn those tiles are sweet ... must resist buying!

    Anyways, looks like you had a great time - thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm impressed

    I found that mission very difficult with the marines.

    Maybe you just have great game-fu than me!

  4. "20 years of procrastination is enough - paint those bloody genestealers!!!"

    LOL! Nice to see I'm not the only one. :P (I have one of my original 12 completely painted and sealed - does that count for anything?)

  5. Do a different paint job on the Brood Lord... too realistic!!
    Good observation on the black drpop cloth, would make for good atmosphere...
    Have you got the Rothafen sound track? Would be awesome to play to!

  6. Indeed, the grass must go, but its hard to rip apart finished minis with so many needing love!

    Kasper - resist nothing!

    Vinny - it was a close call and a dubious draw. But a lot of fun as always!

    Christopher B - that TOTALLY counts!

    Owen - I'm finding it hard to strip the paint off the Brood lord, so I dont think I'll bother. Working on a new SH themetrack - lots of Aliens, Predator and Dawn of War!

  7. Pure awesomeness!! Loved the stage by stage pics!
    And check out this thread for a warning on the new tiles, as thick as they are, they still don't cope with moist environments....