30 October 2009

SH Battle Report - Mission II: Exterminate

The Lad tried his hand at being the Marine Player for Mission 2, and a fine job he did. I knew this one was an easier mission for him to break his teeth on and I also removed his time limit. Nonetheless, he beat me fair and sqaure - Bravo!

Key observations- the change in overwatch jam rules makes a big difference in this game. Those CPs go a long way now and they are some long, long firelanes for the stealers to traverse (see above pic for a SM view!)

I'm loving the Guard rule too and the Lad employs it well (unlike me who keeps forgetting because its new. The Sgt with Thunder Hammer combo is rather awesome and his cleaned up over a dozen of the 36 Stealers in this scenario before he fell.

Looking forward to trying this scenario from the other side!

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