20 November 2015

Fall-In: Random Eye Candy

To be honest the Lad and I were so busy rushing about playing games, shopping and socialising that we only had limited wanderings around the various rooms to check out the great games, and there were indeed many.  Still, I eneded up with some pretty pictures so I though I would share them (while I wait for SWMBO to go out so I can arrange my disturbingly big pile of loot for pics).
British defences in North Africa

The Royal Tank Regiment to the rescue!
The DAK barrels in...

"Fleeing the Cylon tyranny..."

Amazingly detailed (and massive) Pulp table 

It wouldn't be a Con without Blood Bowl - but this was the only game going!
Mouth Watering Shiny...  I love the advice posted in the centre 
Multiplayer Space Hulk
Battle of the Five Armies using Warmaster
Very nice Camo on this Grav Tank

Bob Murch's Pulp Figures trade display - beautiful!

ACW Naval action using "Sail & Steam navies"

Very nice Solomon Kane table setup

The autumn foliage scatter on this table was really very striking

I liked the field arrangements

Gnome Wars - what a hoot!
A VERY impressive WW1 trench board 
Nicely painted late war Germans for FOW
And as a long time Hammer's Smaller fanboy, it was really cool to see this at the "Toys for Tots Auction"


  1. Wow! Some really impressive tables and scenery!

  2. Nice!! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  3. Awesome. How good are those Pulp figures and the table itself! So much eye candy here. The Warmaster game looks great too!


  4. Replies
    1. Sorry you missed it mate but you made the right call.
      +1 on future Morale rolls!

  5. Very cool pics. Great tables and great games by the looks.