13 November 2015

Fall-In: The Games

From the outset, the Lad and I planned to try a raft of different games and over the 3 days we certainly did that!  We started Day 1 by participating in a great 8 player Ancients game with over 1200 figures on a 20 foot table.  Four barbarian players tried to smash their way into a Roman stockade and Centurion Reillius was defending the fort's right flank against my horde...

Romans under the command of Centurion Reillius
Part of my Barbarian Horde!
20+foot table layout for 8 player
Part of the rather nasty Roman defences takes aim

Steady Lads!

Enemy at the Gates!

The hordes wash up against the wall

After much bloodshed I force a break-in!
But am thrown out by the Roman reserve as both sides fight to exhaustion
That afternoon, we both took to the air over the Western Front in April 1917.  Our two Fokker DrI Triplanes were escorting a Rumpler to bomb an airfield behind Allied lines. Against us was a Camel, an SE5 and a Bristol, though others got thrown in later as we cleared the skies.
Dad and Lad out on patrol (Wings of War models)
The modified Wings of War system added some nice complexities but that did slow down game play
The German planes set out for the Allied lines
Take this Tommy!  Moments later the Allied plane went down in flames under my twin Spandaus!
In the end the Bomber was caught in a death spiral with the Camel and ran into some nasty Archie which took it out.  The Lad, it ruined out, was the only player not shot down that day!  Take an Iron Cross my son!
One of the Kaiser's best!
The next day we started out with a bit of fun playing a very silly and very fun game of Gnome pirates. Yes, Gnome Pirates.  6 different pirate teams had to clamber onto a island, find the two different maps to the fabled lost treasure of Captain Flowerpots, find the treasure, defeat its undead guardians and get off the island.  Oh yes, and there could only be one winner...
Swarthy Gnome Pirates approach the island

Reilly's favourite figure "Hooky"

The island beckons

Gnomish Captain!

Searching the island for the treasure map
Mass Skirmish breaks out over the treasure

After much fun I managed to kill off my last opponent, dispatch the undead Captain Flowerpots (taking four wounds in the process), and get down to the Lad's beckoning ship.  With one wound left and clutching the treasure chest we setoff for a shared Victory
The zombie Captain Flowerpots!
...or would have if the boy had betrayed me and stabbed me in the back, literally.  My Gnomish Captain was surrounded by his crew and stabbed to death while Captain Reilly sailed off to Victory.  I was both horrified and proud at the same time :-)
Betrayed by me own flesh and blood...
From there we played a Beta test game of Flint and Feather, a Native American Skirmish game by Crucible Crush. I REALLY liked this game (Shiny Alert) so I'll post about this in more depth at a later time.  Here are some pics of our two small war bands going at it.  My favourite bit was where my Great Warrior mortally wounded one of Reilly's Companion Warriors and then spent a subsequent turn to scalp him - my Gnomish Captain was avenged! :-)

One of the lovely Huron figures

War parties skirmish in the woods
A Scalping!

Our next game was to be a tank heavy Kursk Scenario using Battlegroup's rules, but unfortunately that got cancelled so we played X-Wingall afternoon and evening instead! (see here).  The next day we partook in a great Napoleonic Naval action - British vs French Fleets off the Cape de Gata in 1741.  What was fantastic was to have more than a dozen ships per each, each with their own Captain, with designated Admirals for each Fleet's Van, main and Rear.  Signalling was allowed at 5 words per turn, delivered 1 turn after they were written.  So cool.
The large playing area being setup
1/1200 Navwar ship models
The British bore down upon the French, isolated the centre and rear and started to inflict damage.  The Lad proved very adept at manoeuvring his ship and his plotted movement was spot on - better than me for sure (maybe I am too reliant on gas turbines...)

My HMS Warwick and the lad's HMS Pembroke close the enemy line of battle!

Make to Flagship: "Enemy in Sight!"
The young Nelson in action!
...as he deftly manoeuvres his ship of the line for a stern rake on the Eole

And with that we had to duck out for the drive home.  Overall, an awesome set of games over the 3 days and it was very hard to narrow it down with so many great options of offer.  Thanks again to all!


  1. Really looks like some fun games. Especially the naval battle.

    1. They were all good for different reason. The ability to play a naval game like that and really feel like part of a fleet of players was unique in my experience and a LOT of fun.

  2. I love the look of that Native American game, more details please :)

    1. A follow-up post is in development for next week!

  3. Looks like a brilliant weekend...and some truly epic games!

    1. It was indeed,and playing them all with Reilly and seeing his enjoyment were the real highlights

  4. Replies
    1. We'll have fun (and a few cans) at CanCon instead Millsy!

  5. Some terrific looking games. I especially like the Wings of War FDR1 console. Very clever.
    Very glad to see you and your son having a good time. That's a parenting gold star for you, mate.

    1. It really was a clever adaptation and made the flying part relatively easy while maintaining more complexity than usual

  6. Cracking report!
    Many thanks for sharing it.

    This navy game looks very interesting.

    1. It was quite unique to accurately capture the chaos and mayhem aspects of naval combat by flag signals!

  7. Those 3 days were some of the best days in my time war gaming so far! Although the x wing was pretty epic (and expensive), my favourite moment would have to be the ultimate pirate gnome betrayal. Thinking about it still makes me laugh...

  8. I'm deliberately not commenting because you went to an excellent covention without me..so there!!

    P.S you lads coming to Can Con ? :-)

    1. Yes indeed there is such a plan with Dux in tow also. I'm thinking that we need to arrange an Aussie blogger get together there too