10 November 2015

Fall-In: Convention Overview

I have previously attended two Salutes in London and 6 or so CanCons in Australia but Fall-In was the most fun I have had at any gaming event, ever.

Overall, The Lad and I got to play 6 different games of different genres with a range of people.  The range, scope and scale of the games on offer was beyond that which I have seen anywhere.  I understand Historicon might be bigger but this was sufficiently overwhelming for choice!
The boys in the Vendors' Hall
We had lots of fun together and I'll go into those in detail in later posts.  We gamers are indebted to all those who put their time and money into putting on the demonstration and participation games, which are so much fun. I've only done it once but I understand the effort it requires.  Thank you.  Events like this wouldn't be the same without you.

The venue was very good.  A little tired perhaps, it was nevertheless clean, well presented, nicely staffed, had great food and drink options (got to love a Con where you can wander around with adult beverages in hand) and the many different rooms felt intimate rather than getting lost in a big metal roofed sheep shed (i.e. CanCon).  I thought the Host did very well.

Naturally, money was spent. Lots of it. Even without the dollar conversion factored in (which I didn't naturally).  I've now discovered something more expensive than going to a Con: going to a Con and financing two gamers' worth of shiny!  But well worth it of course.  Loot details to follow.

But best of all, I got to meet a range of people who I have blogged, emailed and corresponded with from Australia for years but never met personally. In particular:

Byron Collins from Collin's Epic Wargaming - maker of such fine games like Spearpoint 1943 and the upcoming Polyversal.  http://www.collinsepicwargames.com

Greg Smith, war-game designer and author of The Hunters (see here) and the upcoming US equivalent game Silent Victory.  I helped Greg with some research on the latter and an upcoming supplement for playing German and Italian submarines in the Med.  Great to meet you person at last Greg!

Sadly, my planned RV with Steve from Sound Officer's Call didn't happen because he has a family illness - I hope it all works out well buddy.

We got to meet and chat with the WWPD boys (http://www.wwpd.net) and join the audience for their show recording. That was quite a bit of fun and Reilly did well in the prize distributions too - thanks guys!
A job well done!

And most importantly, Reilly and I got to meet Miles of the Uber Geek Lair fame (here) who was an absolute delight.  The best part was that we had a few days to enjoy the con together and not only was he kind enough to treat me to dinner (thanks mate!), he introduced Reilly to the very friendly WWPD boys and their X-Wing campaign.  More to follow on that but it was definitely his highlight game of the Con.  Miles, what a pleasure mate. I truely hope we can do it again in the future at either your place or mine.  And congrats again on your 3rd place in the FoW Doubles tourney. 

Miles and Reilly about the smash some Imperial Tie Fighters!
Overall, the best summary was Reilly’s comment when we got home:“That was much better than I thought it would be. It was even better than our trip to Disneyworld.”  High praise indeed!

I'll post some more pics soon with eye candy from the tables, our games and of course The loot!

 A well satisfied gamer on the 7 hr drive home! 


  1. Excellent!!!! Glad you both had a great time.

  2. Always good to see different conventions from around the world. There seems much to recommend this one.

  3. Looks brilliant. Yet to make a con...but it's on the list!

    1. You and your son would have a great day out together. Pick a good one with a demo game you will both enjoy. I've invariably found the people running games to be brilliant with the kids and very welcoming

  4. Glad you both had a good time. One of these days I'll have to make a trip over to the US to attend one of their cons :)

    1. I found it very different to Salute but both are good for different reasons

  5. Paul - it was a pleasure meeting both you and your son. I had a blast at Fall-In and am very glad you both did also!

  6. Looks like you had a cracking day! Seven hour drive, now there's dedication to the hobby!

    1. It was totally worth it!
      Plus it was a case of 'last chance' before we go home next month

  7. How unAustralian to criticise a sheep shed! You should be ashamed of yourself mate. :-)

    Looks like you had an absolute blast and to say I am very jealous indeed would be something of an understatement. Great that you got to meet Miles as well.

    I'm not sure those are the genuine WWPD lads. Looks more like What Would Patton DRINK to me...

    1. Well we'll just have to devise some ways to make CanCon more awesome then!