15 January 2015

OGRE...opening moves

It was very cool to sit there with the Lad this week, show him how to punch out counters and segregate them into numerous small zip lock bags.  Ahh the memories!
Defensive setup.  The monocolour map is a bit dull I think, I'll be fixing that.
After a quick run through of the rules and some demos of the attack mechanisms it was time to dive in for our first game.  Right Stuff took a Mk III OGRE while I took the defenders.  Here is how it went...
Right Stuff is not convinced that this is a fair fight - he has only one counter compared to all of mine! 
The OGRE advances and he is very wary of those pesky GEV jockeys!
With rolls like those I'm not going to take out many treads...
The first armour units engage, targeting the treads 
The OGRE starts to breakout down the left flank
Almost through! The Howitzer wore a missile just after this was taken.
Clear and with objective in sight! But the treads have taken a few hits and movement is slowed
The chase is on as the nukes fly!
Coming down to the wire and the defenders throw in everything they have left
With the OGRE movement down to 1 it would be a dice off
In the final exchange, a Missile Tank blew off the last few remaining treads, immobilising the OGRE outside the necessary range to take out the CP (but still with many weapons intact) and giving the Defenders a win.

I thought for his first go at a new game he did a good job and understood exactly what he was trying to.  However, Right Stuff was a bit disappointed though he was happy to reset and give it another go...

...to be continued!


  1. I have no doubt that he will be giving you a run for your money before too long!

    1. I have no doubt of that at all Michael.
      It only took 6 months or so before I was only rarely beating him at Blood Bowl, and not drawing very often either!

  2. Ahh, the memories, the tactics. Ogre, simple, effective and bloody good fun!

  3. Of course, he would be more interested if you had miniatures...

    1. I must just happen to have a big box full...in storage back home that is!