26 January 2015

Happy Australia Day!

Not so many celebrations here in New England so we are holding our own including making  patriotic snowman! We hope everyone back home has a great time at CanCon this weekend too!


  1. Happy Australia Day! I have no idea what that means or how to celebrate it.

    1. Its our equivalent of the Fourth of July - 26 Jan is the day that the First Fleet from England landed and started the colony of New South Wales. It is the genesis of modern Australia. As it is the height of summer it is typically celebrated at the beach, with BBQs and more than a few cold ones. To make a snowman on the day in my backyard was quite novel!

  2. Happy Australia Day mate. Hope you had a good un!

  3. We had Pies and Lamingtons for lunch. Lamb on the BBQ for dinner. A good day really with a walk on the beach with the dogs in the morning.

  4. Good ol' Australia. She's as tough and good looking as America pretends to be!