29 January 2015

Blueprint for Armageddon

I recently discovered a new podcast titled "Hardcore Histories" hosted by a guy named Dan Carlin.  In particular, I've been listening to his five part series Blueprint for Armageddon regarding the Great War of 1914-18.

Dan uses range of period sources to draw quite from and focuses on the strategic whys of the conflict, and the effects of industrialised warfare at a personal level.  As he does so he draws a nicely logical thread between political decision, economic realities and the frontline serviceman.  While there are things I both agree and disagree with in each 3-4 hr episode, I've really enjoyed it overall and found it most absorbing.

If you are looking or something a bit different to listen to during your commutes (or the treadmill), then I commend this to you.  Oh yes, its free!


  1. Sounds interesting Paul, if I get some time (3-4Hrs) I will check it out.

  2. Dan Carlin is very interesting to listen to. Well thought out and presented. Definitely worth the time to listen.

  3. The Ostfront episodes are absolutely amazing.