05 November 2012

Games 2 vs the Brutle Orcs

Today saw Season 2's second game played against the developed Brutle Orc team. The Norsemen had hired the legendary Icepelt Hammerblow for the 2nd game in a row as well as a beautiful Bloodweiser Babe for the teams benefit (for a total of 390k inducements). The coin was flipped and the Norse chose to receive hoping to score early.  The weather was fine and there were marginally more Orc fans in the bleechers.
Lined out ready for kick-off!
Each team set up and soon enough the game was on, the Orks getting a Perfect Defence. The Norse tried a blitz down the left side with their new found star and stunned a green skin. A runner ran through the hole with some protection but the turn ended with the thrower failing to pick up the ball. The Orcs used their whole turn doing some hitting stunning a few of the Norse. The thrower dropped the ball again and soon enough he was swarmed by a bunch of Greenskins! Then a Berzerker got smashed off the field and killed - luckily the apothecary team were on the ball and were able to bring him back, but he'll need a game off to recover.  Now the Norse had no more medical staff and 14 long turns to go...  The Orcs kept swarming the ball, a few of the Norse got back but a number of KOs gave the Orcs the numbers advantage and they scored on turn 6. 1-0.

The Norse try again but fail, a Riot giving them more time but it went badly again - especially when a Norse Runner used his Dauntless skill to throw a block on a Black Orc, skulled out and injured himself!  The half ended with the Orcs up 1-nil.
The Norse thrower wasin danger of being renamed "Butterfingers" after he failed
three attempts to pickup, each one with a reroll !!!
2nd half started with just 9 Norse on the field.  The Orcs got the ball after a few blocks (in true orc fashion) and went to do a quick pass to a Blitzer but failed. A couple of the Norsemen ran up and based the ball and the receiver and after a scrum he got the ball to a lineman who handed the ball to a 7 move Blitzer who ran down and scored on his turn 5. 2 nil to the Orcs, 3 Norse in the Cs box ( 2 of them runners and the other a Berserker).   Maybe a final push to get a Norse TD would see more success...

The Orcs  kicked to the middle but the wind pushed it out and the touch back went to a Berserker who was going to run down to score and hopefully get the 3 SPPs he needed to skill up.  He ran down 1 quarter into their half with Icepelt and was swarmed- he was knocked down and the ball bounced to my 4 strength lineman with 2 ag! He caught it and he ran though an opening which was made for him and was swarmed in a reverse cage in the centre of their half.   He couldn't get out and that was the end of that. The result was 2-0 to the Greenies and 3-1 to him in casualties.  The silver lining is that MVP went to the Yeti, which will now  skill up!

Odinn's Champs are now sitting on the bottom of the table with 2 straight losses.  It will be a long season of survival and development, and the next game is against the Human Team "River Stir Slayers"


  1. Replies
    1. 'Twas the Lad, I was just a very interested bystander (and photographer!)

  2. Clear eyes, full hearts - can't lose!

  3. awwwww bad luck its the way the dice roll sometimes

  4. Blood Bowl Forever!

    Just got the Chaos Edition of the computer game and am itching to get back into action myself...

    1. You wont regret it! I'll be tempted to try the new Khorne Team in the flesh if it gets NAF approved, probably as a 'Chaos Human' styled team

    2. I am doing well with a Khorne team now. I may do it in flesh too, with Khorne Berzerkers heads on some barbarian bodies.

      I reckon one can run a pretty successful team on just Cultists alone.

  5. Not bad considering how amazing that orc team is! 2 blodging orc blitzers?
    even the orc linemen are good- mine never get anywhere.

    I hope the yeti rolls double for his skill!

    1. I'll post up the team development shortly - interesting and certainly welcome but no doubles on the Yeti unfortunately!

  6. Well you got the two bashy teams out of the way early this season. Here's hoping you manage to pull a few wins out of the further games.