01 October 2012

What a Rush!

After some exciting weeks the Dreadball Kickstarter journey is at an end, finally settling on an amazing total of $728,985!!!  The last 48 hrs saw some huge activity, unlocking even more great stuff, including not one but two new teams:

And new MVPs too:

Personally, I am very excited on one hand and relieved on another that this is over...for now.
These models are like some sort of drug: I know I have enough already, but I NEED these new ones!
Man Cave readers can look forward to some Dreadball related modelling and game reports in due course.


  1. I know I committed for more than I probably should have, but there were just so many good minis, and how to justify shaving off, say, $25 and lose 16 minis? I was disappointed in the look of the Zees- not ape like enough, but I can always make my own ;) on the other hand- greatly looking forward to some of the others! Robots, Judwan & Taraton are at the top of the list for me. Figures I'm most interested in some of the season 2 & 3 teams, but I do love the orcs too, so those will keep me occupied while I wait for the later ones ;)

  2. Exactly my problem too! And those 3 are my favourite teams also. I'm looking forward to the Corporation team for Season 1 and will try a Tron style neon effect on them. Right Stuff is very keen on the Veer Men as his first team, having seen what I can do with my Skaven :-)

    Overall I doubled my initial Striker pledge but an very happy with what I'll be getting over the next year to show for it.

    Not sure about Team upgrade packs yet either - they would give you enough players if you wanted to use them for Blood Bowl too...

  3. I'll be trying a 'Tron-glow' for the female corp team too.

    I didn't bother with the upgrade pack for season 1 teams, since those are already 14 players, and with the keeper pack (which I did get) that makes 15: already more than likely to ever need- plus there are 1 or 2 stars for each of those, and I'll likely use stars as regular players, so the extra 2 per season 1 team pack didn't tempt me at all.

    for the season 2 & 3 teams I did get some under 'complete' package: female, robot, nameless & teraton, since I like those a lot, but didn't bother with 16 players for the other teams I got, since teams like Judwan have only 1 player type: no need for extra players to cover different team builds, so that was fine with a BOGOF option. I'd probably be fine without the female team at 16 but the bundle offers 4 teams, so I think they're the most likely to use the extra options.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with all the stuff :)

  4. Amazing total. Looking forward to getting creative with colour schemes. Not sure which team will be painted in a mandatory All Blacks scheme at this stage. Cheers

  5. Like you Paul I was really pleased on the one had to see the total rise so high, but also slightly gutted as it means more cash to spend. Still, really looking forward to seeing what people make of DreadBall when they get their hands on it.

  6. I am pretty excited and pleased that my favourite teams are all in the first wave anyhow ('Delvers 'n 'Stealers).

    Definitely looking forward to game where I can paint up eight dudes and have be game legal!

    I've added all of you to my reading list as I want to be in the loop when everyone starts playing and we get some good korero going!