27 September 2012

Last Hurrah for Dreadball

Only four days to go on this amazing Kickstarter.  If you've missed the last few updates, there is now yet another alien team and a few MVP funded - the elf-like Asterian team (pictured above), their MVP Mellisadra, and another Forge Father team MVP - Yurik "Painmaster" Yurikson.  And now there are also  hints about the DreadBall Mech pictured below...

The current total of $463k pledged is pretty amazing!

EDIT: Just cracked half a million dollars! 3 days to go...


  1. Paul - an unrelated note here. You won the contest at www.lostinthewarp.com

    If you could be so kind as to contact me tkkultist@gmail.com we can arrange for your choice of limited edition figure.


  2. That's quite amazing but the Rejects have shunned me for mentioning the concept!

  3. I just upped my pledge for all the extras (so far) that I will want. It's getting pretty high, but considering all I'll get it's pretty nice. That mech.. might need to get 2 of those, one to convert for the battlefield

  4. Yeah me too Ferret, I'm pledged up for 9 teams, all the keepers and MVPs and a few extras. The coaches and cheerleaders don't do anything me, but that Mech...

  5. I made my pledge before the December deliverys ran out. Huge response so it looks at first glance like this will be popular when released. Being the only gamer at my club who I know of who is down for this hopefully I can create some interest...otherwise it's a great boardgame at home.