12 September 2012

Dreadball Video

OK, I have been harping on about this a bit lately, but that's because its so cool!
Firstly, check out the awesome original sculpts of the figure range here
Then watch this video of the gameplay

Then check out these latest figures being sculpted - wicked!


  1. I quite like the look of this as well to be honest

  2. That last sketch is awesome- hoping for more of these!

  3. Brummie: go on, you know you want to...

    LF: I agree. Its sculpts like that that will make the game not look like BB and achieve its SF theme most effectively.

  4. I am teetering on the brink.

  5. Interesting video.
    The game seems quite fast paced.

  6. I haven't been this exited about a game release since Warzone 1st Ed. As Jake Thornton unveiled the stats of the initial 4 teams, I just created a 25 mm hex-sheet in Word and glued 3 onto a large sheet of thick paper to mock-up a pitch and try out the basics with my BB minis. I also made 6 coloured strike zones to stick on top of it. Now I just have to finish it and dig out my BB stuff and some dice to get tinkering...

    1. You werent the only one who did that Argonor!!! Now there are downloadable ones at the Dreadball Fanatics Facebook page if you are interested.