26 September 2012

Undead Team

Introducing our Undead Blood Team the Cheese Eating Monkeys.  This team was conceived, designed and named while we were in Paris for a week last year.  Each player is named after a famous French General which the Lad had to research while we toured that various monuments and museums, which was pretty cool.  Here they are:
I mounted the Mummies on double bases to make them that bit more imposing on the pitch - as 5ST players they should tower over the others!  Here is the Team Captain in the number 1 jersey, Bony-Parts, and his offsider deGoul.
The Wights - these guys always remind me of Judge Death!
Agile but Fragile: The Gouls
The Zombies just love Cheerleader Braaaiiinsss....pity there isn't much!
The Skeletons
The Gang all ready for Kickoff!


  1. Nice team!
    Cool how you get Right Stuff to learn stuff while thinking about games.


  2. Fun stuff! I was expecting a ghoul to be named deGhoul ;)

    1. But then how would you tell him apart from de other Ghouls?

      No? Nobody?

      I'll get me coat.

  3. Yay gotta love the Undead, great looking team. have a look at the exploits of my Undead Team - Atrocity Exhibition.