10 May 2012

Odinn's Champions: Round 4

Right Stuff went into this game with a 1:1:1 record sitting around the middle of the league ladder.  This game was against "The Midnight Hour" the second Necro team in the league, coached by James (see the team details here).  Even amongst the great guys we have met in the league, James stood out as an awesome sport who plays for fun and really enjoys the social aspects.  He was a delight to host.
The Midnight Hour's team Logo
Reilly won the fan gate (for the first time this season) and with 110k of inducements decided to take star player Helmet Wulf, a chainsaw wielding maniac - clearly he was looking for a way to take down those necro werewolves!  He then went on to win the toss and elected to kick off to the Necro.

The Necro offence started with some serious blocks and many a Norse went down stunned.  A Goul scooped up the ball and passed it to one of the werewolves, who with ball in hand rushed forward, blitzed the Norse safety and sprinted for the endzone...only to trip over the line!  A mad scramble ensured deep in the Norse rear area, a Goul finally getting the ball and sending a pass to the werewolf waiting in the endzone - a dropped catch!  Reilly wasted no time surfing the werewolf into the crowd where the fans quickly KOed him for his troubles.  However, a Norse lineman fumbled the ball pickup and the Necro charted him in reply  (-1 Ag) before picking it up and carrying it over the line.

So it was 1 nil to the Necro halfway through the first half and Right Stuff decided more blood was required - Helmet Wulf came on for the Norse offence.  The Fans cheered mightily (giving the Norse got an extra reroll).  Helmet started up with buzzsaw and was completely surprised when the ball dropped into his arms. He still caught it but nothing deterred him from his target - with ball in hand he rushed forward and attacked the werewolf before him, stunning him.  Inspired, the Yeti stunned the Zombie in front of him.  A good start to the drive, but in the next turn Helmet fumbled the hand-off and a mid-pitch scrum ensued.  The werewolf recovered and sprinted downfield, a Goul got to the ball and sent the ball sailing over the line...only to have the Yeti intercept it!  Nobody was more surprised than the Yeti, who failed his next two wild animal rolls to prevent a Norse equalization attempt and the half ended with the Necro still up 1 nil.

The Norse received the next half but the Necro got all their players back and the Norse were down 2 players.  The Midnight Hour made the most of their man advantage, blunting the Norse attack with a strong forward line and turning over the ball with some nice blitzes to score in turn 4.  Necro up 2 nil and time was running out for the Norse.

The Necro kicked deep into the Norse half and the kickoff result was a Blitz!  One of those darned werewolves sprinted deep into the Norse backfield to get under the ball.  He dropped it, but the Norse were in trouble - a Blizter moved in to try and tame the beast and surfed him with his Frenzied attack.  The wolf was badly hurt but regenerated.  A messy scum again developed 3 square from the Norse backfield and Right stuff did well to delay the counterattack but his last Blitzer was badly hurt in a block and the Necro got their third TD in before the whistle blew.

So The Midnight Hour managed a 3 nil shut out but the score didn't really reflect the game.  My favourite part was most definitely the fact the Right Stuff was laughing and cheering despite the score and his mounting casualties.  I was really proud of the way he totally played for fun, not competition.

Again Reilly didn't roll well for winnings but now has an apoth at least.  His next game is against a developed Dwarf team and Right stuff will again have 3 journeymen, but this time no Blizters and his thrower is Ag broken.  His team development isnt going so well really and he is still well under his starting 100TV, but at least the Yeti's intercept got him a skill and he took Mighty Blow, which will go well with the existing Claw and Frenzy - lets hope we see some good casualties against those dwarves!

With a 1:1:2 record, Odinn's Champions are now sitting second last in the League, but all four bottom teams have this record and the placings are based on TD ratios.  The top 4 teams are rocketing away on points and unlikely to be caught now with just 3 games left.

Thanks again to James for a very enjoyable game!


  1. It seems that some days there's nothing we can do to make things go our way.
    With that said, huge congrats to Right Stuff for playing the game for what it is (a game!), something many 'very adult' coaches apparently can't.

    Oh, and Paul, that was a very nice game report, congrats!

  2. A pity but it sounded like a blast, no pictures?

    1. I was furiously painting in the background, trying to get my Terracotta Terrors finished before the closing deadline!

      Good fun indeed, especially when the Yeti ended up with the ball and was so surprised he didn't do anything for two turns!

  3. Poor lad, but I have no doubt the luck will change! Onwards Right Stuff!