25 May 2012

Bitter Seeds

Scientifically bred super Nazis vs British Warlocks conjuring Lovecraftian horrors?  Yes please! Picked up the newly released softback edition today -  looking forward to reading it and will post a review when I'm done.

Ian Tregillis's stellar debut novel Bitter Seeds hits shelves today. It's a beautifully written and thoroughly researched alternate WWII history, the twist being that a mad German scientist has discovered a way to endow a group of sociopaths -- raised from WWI orphans -- with X-Men-like powers that have made the Wehrmacht unstoppable.
To counter this, a desperate Great Britain establishes a secret division composed of a tiny number of British warlocks -- men who use speech in a mystical Ur-language, accompanied by blood sacrifice, to call up vast, brutal elemental forces. These forces, the Eidolons, loathe humanity and tremble in barely restrained rage at the stain we spread on the universe, but they can be bargained with, blood traded for elemental magick.


  1. Hrm, this may be an interesting read.

  2. This sounds fun, I'll put this on my list, thanks!

  3. I've been waiting for this to come out in softcover - thanks for the heads up!