31 May 2012

The June "To Do" list

Starting next week, I have 3 weeks at home - a rarity for me this year.  I find that in such times, a 'to do' list helps keep me focused and away from distracting shiny things.  While I have a number of things I want to get done, the following are some of those I will be prioritising on (in no particular order):
- Basing Right Stuff's "Cold Blooded Croakers", his new Slann team that he will be playing in the upcoming Eucalyptus Bowl
- Finishing off my Pulp/Horror Stone Circle terrain
- Painting my Pulp Cultists (to play in above named terrain) and their summoned Hell Hounds for use in playing 'Strange Aeons'
- Paint the 4th Ghoul for my Undead Blood Bowl team The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys
- Fix up and photograph said Surrender Monkeys
- Make a Blog page with all our Blood Bowl teams and figures

Lets see how we go...


  1. Good luck with that Paul. Having a list does help but I am useless at sticking to the list.

  2. Looking forward to seeing pretty much all of this!

  3. Good luck with the list! Looking forward to the Blood Bowl and Strange Aeons stuff!

  4. Good luck on all the stuff mate! Will be watching to see what actually gets done hehe

  5. Another adept of the "to do" list here.
    Not only it helps to keep track of what I still have to do, but it actually gives me a sense of accomplishment to cut things (already done) from the list.

    Looking forward to see those items you've mentioned posted here!