09 May 2012

Blitz Issue 4 released

The free Blood Bowl e-zine BL!TZ issue 4 has now been released and can be found at:
Awesomely, Right Stuff's Team "Odinn's Champions" get a nice pic on page 30 in the CanCon 2012 article! Here is what the authors have to say about this issue:

Well we really have to say that this has been the most trying so far of  
the issues.  Real world issues really do have a way of interrupting  
anything.  Add into that our first real technical issues with the process  
and we have overshot by about 3 weeks!

On the plus side, and this is purely by coincidence, the first registered  
user was me.  That was on the 9th May 2007 at 1:42am.  So in a little over  
2 hours, AusBowl is 5 and we have something special in the giveaway  
department this month thanks to AusBowl members and Good Games, but more  
on that later . . .

So other than the trials and tribulations we have experienced, the 5th  
birthday and the good work suggested by Alex, what do we have on offer  
this issue?
Team focus and a painting focus from AusBowl members
Tons of Dungeonbowl action
A tale of Blood Bowl rediscovery
State updates
Custom pitch construction article
More photography tips and a CanCon pictorial
A MASSIVE 5th birthday giveaway
Plus much, much more!

This issue is big people!  I hope you enjoy the BL!TZ.

SinisterDexter and Carnivean

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