06 September 2011

Tiny Fleets

Most understand that naval wargames use small scale ships, but they can also come in really small scales: Hallmark's 1:6000 range is about as small as you can get and still identify ships by class (well without optical aids anyway).  Until recently (yesterday in fact) I had some sizeable WW2 fleets is this scale, though I have hardly used them in the past 12 years or so.
Camo works at Sea too! The Mighty Bismark and her sister ship Tirpitz
So as a final farewell, here are some of them sailing off into the sunset and into the arms of a happy new owner - and yes, the resultant cash influx was used to offset the increasing costs of our Blood Bowl habit!
Kriegsmarine capital ships and Z-Plan
Italian Capital Ships
More pics here:


  1. Nice little beauties and funding more miniature madness is always good.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Very nice indeed! I hope you got a very good price for them and that the reinvestment plan is suitably gargantuan!

    All the best,

    DC (with a sigh at what might have been!)

  3. DC - Overall I would say that is was an adequate sum which has allowed some purchases. Mind you, that's more than I had before so its not a bad outcome overall.

  4. It's always sad to see figures go, even if you don't use them that much, at least you've spent the dosh on something you wanted, every time I sell something with a plan to buy more figures, either the boiler, car or something else that's damn expensive goes up the swany!!!

  5. Was thinking exactlly the same as Ray as I read your post. Anyway hope you can get more pleasure from the new investments Paul.

  6. It is a melancholy thing to part with mini's you've painted, even if the newly acquired funds are to be turned into new mini's. The bright side is at least you'll be expanding a collection you're playing with as opposed to just "storing"

    Those are rather tiny models!


  7. Yes it is sad to see them go - I very rarely sell anything and I usually regret in due course.

    But in this instance (and after much consideration) I think its a good call, and I'm buying more stuff to play with the Lad so that has to be a good thing!!!!

  8. WOAH!!! I misread the titel on my blog roll and thought saw "tiny feet"..and thought.."the patter of..." :-D
    They are very tiny those ships!!!