09 January 2011

Target: Urals

The next Mission is gonna be a lot tougher fellahs - all the way into the Urals for some Toe-to-Toe Nu’klr Combat with the Rooskies!

We are going in on Route ORANGE into the Urals... Primary target is Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces HQ in Kosvinksky.  Secondary target is the 42nd Rocket Division at Nizhniy Tagil, and a tertiary target exists at Pechora Kamenka, from which Ivan operates strategic bombers. 

Loaded up with a 30Mt, a 20Mt and a 10Mt for the three targets.  Defensive stores wise, we loaded up two each of chaff and flares. Its the longest mission on the "Big Board" so fuel management is going to even more critical than last mission.

C'mon now - we gotta smash all them targets to protect folks at home, so lets get on the hump - we got some flyin' to do!

Zone 1: Crossed into Commie airspace and got painted up like a Christmas Tree by Ivan's raders (all threats at Mdm and maintaining high altitude to minimise them SAMs)

Zone 2: Sure 'nuff, them radar boys got a MiG on our tail - tried to shake him with flares but he's on us like flies on a horse's rear end! Took a bit of damage (2) but kept goin' 

Zone 3: Managed to fool them Interceptors they had await'n for us, but Ivan's goin' nuts - we gotta take out his nukes or its gonna get messy (event card - Mutually Assured Destruction) 

Zone 4: (-1 fuel).  Resistance getting thicker now - took minor damage from interceptors again (1) but it didnt shake us from the bomb run - dropped a 10Mt bomb on Pechora Kamenka so them Rooskie bombers aint goin' nowhere now!  2 VPs

Zone 5: Little quieter now, all crew check contents of yur Survival Kits (event card)
....Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff!

Zone 6: Skirted the local air defence based and evaded both them MiGs and a mobile SAM launcher.  You'll have to do better than that Ivan!

Zone 7: Goddam commies got a MiG on our tail after all!  The flares didnt do the trick and he chewed a bit out of us (3 damage - dumped 1 unit of fuel) but it didnt stop us warming up them Rooskie boys from the 42nd Rocket Division with 20 Megatonnes of Luv!  He he. 8 VP.

Zone 8: We shure stirred up a hornet's nest now fellahs - had to dump both chaff and flares to avoid the local defences.  That was a close one!

Zone 9:  Another MiG took a chunk out of us (3 dam, dumped 1 fuel) but the SAMs werent no good.  Nearing the Primary target...

Zone 10: There aint no Reds here boys - its easy pickens! (Event Card: Herr Dokter +4VPs)
Dropped a 30Mt ground burst (delay factor yellow-3) on Kosvinksky, with love from Uncle Sam!  18 VPs

Now to get home...it sure seems a long way!


Zone 9: Them commies 'r good and mad now - a MiG chewed more off our tail, as did a SAM (3 damage)

Zone 8:  We was too wily for the SAM belt here - neither the mobile nor the fixed site didnt got a lock on us at high altitude and we slipped on through like cattle rusters in the night!

Zone 7: Got me some nice snaps of the impact zone and crater at Nizhniy Tagil.  Makes your heart (and them ruins) glow.

Zone 6:  Avoided the SAM but got bounced by a Commie pilot dropping out of the cloud bank (3 dam - only 10 left.  Getting nervous now, keep a hold 'o them survival kits!)

Zone 5: Burn baby burn!

Zone 4: Seems the local air defence network hasnt been as clobbered as we might think - another MiG successfully got on our tail (3 Damage - dumped fuel, down to just 2 left now)

Zone 3: Goddam it! Another of them hotshot Rooshin' pilots tore a chink outta the wing (2 damage - ditched survival kits).

Zone 2: Get we're through the thick of it boys - should be clear all the way home now!

Zone 1:  Landed with only 1 fuel and 5 damage points left.  Those folks at Boeing really know how to make an air-o-plane!  (+3VPs for B-52 survival, +3VPs for crew surviving)

Total VPs: 36                                         Mission Result: Major Success!
Campaign VPs:  97

Summary- much tougher mission, right down to the wire. Loved getting the survival kits and only ditched them out of necessity.  The MAD event card really made me press home the attacks and grab the Doktor's VPs to avoid loosing more at the end.

Next mission: the dreaded Route RED into Moscow!

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  1. Brilliant stuff.

    "20 Megatonnes of love"

    Enjoyed that.