07 January 2011

Axis of Time Trilogy

I just finished reading this series of alternative WW2 history books and really enjoyed them.  Actually I bought these a few years back and had them packed in a box and forgot all about them, so it was like extra Chrostmas presents!

Essentially, this is an alternate WW2 history with WWW2 leanings from a tech and wunderweapon perspective (such as a Waffen SS Air Assault Division equipped with NVGs, kevlar body armour, assault rifles and grenade launchers, in late 1942).  And a great ride it is too!

Essentially (witholding the spoilers) a Multinational Naval Task Force in 2021is preparing for an operation in SE Asia when it gets sucked through a wormhole generated by an experimental research vessel.  The task group reappears in the middle of a US Battlegroup immediately prior to the 1942 Battle for Midway and predictably, all does not go well.  And once that is all sported out, it gets really interesting:

- The appearance of new technology radically shifts the balance of power, but once fired, the munitions are gone and the tech base cant make new ones.

- The cultural issues surrounding a Japanese ship in the task group, and the exchange personnel from Germany, Italy and Russia who face a bit of a dilemma.  Plus 1940s Australia, America and UK just arent ready to accept females and ethnic personnel in postions of authority - especially when some of them are Commanding Officers...

- Probably most interestingly is what happens when all the countries get access to the historical database and find out what happened previously: what gambles didnt pay-off, who the traitors were, and the impact of accelerated technological research.

The series is comprised of "Weapons of Choice: WW2.1", "Designated targets: WW2.2" and "Final Impact WW2.3".  Overall I found it to be an intriging series which was carried through pretty well.  Some of the character development could be better but the overall premise and story arcs are excellent.  Recommended!

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