12 January 2011

Downfall - the Skirmish Game!

1945.  Berlin is crumbling and the Russians are nearing the heart of the city.  The Fuhrer is convinced that the fight can continue, but in order to do so he must be relocated to provide leadership.  He must be evacuated from the Bunker to a landing zone where he will be picked up by an experimental FA-223 Drache helicopter to effect the evacuation.  Will the war continue or will Hitler be captured...or worse?

A great alternate WW2 skirmish game by sbminisguy, using the NUTS! system.



  1. Thanks for the kind comments about my BatRep! Feel free to come back to my site for more Weird Wars fun -- there are some great projects in the works!!


  2. You are welcome - I really enjoyed it, especially when a trooper got eaten!

    Now I've got a hankering to add some helos to my WWW2 Germans, maybe a gunship, though airmobile (Luftbewegliche?) strumtruppen take my fancy too!