28 January 2011

SS Panzer Kommandeur, Jun 1946

In Jan 1944, a project was launched by OKW as a possible solution to the growing shortage of combat troops. Having received reports of female Russian tank crews performing as well (if not better than) their male counterparts, a small batch of women were trained as panzer crews under this trial scheme.

In Dec 1944, this batch of female panzer crew received their first taste of battle assigned to SS-sPzAbt 102. Thrown into the desperate Ardennes Offensive, the women performed beyond everyones' expectations. Not only were they able to break through the Allied advance, they were as instrumental in stopping the counter attack of Pattons' Third Army.

The success of these female panzer crew led to the creation of Kampfgruppe Reklameschit, an all female panzer group. The Kampfgruppe took its name after the glamorous ring leader of the initial women panzer crew, Kirstin Fleischer.

Kristin had a natural killer instinct for both men and machines. Under her command, Tiger 069 scored 25 tank kills, 13 half-tracked kills and 7 anti-tank gun kills in the Ardennes Offensive. Discrimination of the fairer sex was still the norm then and her heroic actions were only rewarded with an Iron Cross Second Class.

With the mass production of Me262 in March 1945, Germany was able to win the air superiority battle against the Allies. The following push to regain lost territories on the ground was bog down by the lack of resources. It is only in summer of 1946, that the German forces were able to reach the outskirt of Paris.

Kirstin Fleischer had since been awarded with the Iron Cross First Class and a Tank Assault badge for her exploits in the battlefield and other areas. Promoted to SS-Hauptsturmf she was also given the command of a King Tiger.



  1. Women tankers were more likely to survive as they were smaller and therefore found escaping a burning tank easier.

    The tasks inside the tank were easily managed by women (except the loader role) so there was no reason why they couldn't perform well on the battlefield.

  2. While some of the other duies would be a bit difficult (breaking track links etc) I agree. The issue is more of a cultural one, which still exists today in many Western miltaries

  3. I thought this was real at first...aww...>.<

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