15 May 2010

Vampir IR sight - Part II

Found some 28mm figs euipped with this cool weapon!
They are Victory Force Miniatures' "Nachtjagers" line of figs:

Here is one painted up by the very talented Agis Neugebauer. If you havent seen his fantastic work, you got to have a look at his webpage! (image used with permission)


  1. OK, now THESE are Ubercool!!!! Hmm, I so want to do Germans in Incursion/SoTR!!!!

    The Yanks just don't ahve anything "sexy"....

  2. HA! Just discovered that pre-order for MI-13 squad pack! Your bleedin' Zombies won't like a White Phos PIAT up em!!!!

  3. Bring it on baby! Did you get your A.P.E. suits delivered yet?

    How about sky rocketeers/airborne yanks?

  4. I still can't look at those guns without thinking 'THRUSH'. I guess it is one of those tests of era.

    Like hearing the William Tell overture and thinking instantly of the Lone Ranger.

  5. They look excellent, would fit perfect in any WWW2 game.

  6. Victory Force have a 30% off sale until 16th May:


  7. The Americans had a IR rig that was pretty much a copy of the Vampire called the M3 "Sniperscope". It was actually deployed during Okinawa and kicked the Hell outta the Japs. Nothing says you can't have your 82nd "All Americans" hunting those Ratzis with a copy of their own kit. We play to do a couple "Sniperscope" US Airborne someday so keep your eyes peeled.

    Here is a pic of it.

    So now those Dog Faced GIs got some cool toys too,