03 May 2010

German Tiger Mech

Tiger mech, suitably embellished with extra goodies, by David's mate Dave Weedon. Heres the Westwind description:

Nothing is more terrifying than the latest mecha design of the German engineers of the Nibelungen Panzer factory. This is a machine powerful and fearsome enough to be the harbinger of doom for the allies as the Gotterdammerung rages on–a veritable chariot of the Gods. Every reverberating footstep sounds the death knell of its foes. The very appearance of one of these iron gods of death has been known to break the will of allied units.

It’s an awesome resin and white metal kit, reaching ten inches tall, complete with display base, full weapons load out to include 1x 88mm auto cannon, 1x heavy flamethrower, 2 rocket batteries, 1 MG42 machine gun pod and a commander’s MG42. All in all, the best Mech we have ever made.


  1. Totally AWESOME... and totally out of control....

    I'm trying to imagine a game where this could be tabled... none of ours I'm afraid... although I wish!!!!!

  2. Then again we'll need something to oppose the giant Soviet spider tank...