18 May 2010

More reinforcements arrive!

After all, what good is a Mech-Grenadier force without any vehicles? hardly Mech eh?

From Warlord Games I got a few figs, but in particular two vehicles: a "Stummel" variant of the Sdkfz 250 with a 75mm gun And a Hetzer Assault gun (direct successor of the beloved StuG III): Time to fire up the airbrush!


  1. Ok, the inner WWII geek is getting the better of me, so here we go. The Hetzer isnt really the successor to the Stug III (Which I really like too by the way.) It was really the successor to the Marder III. As they were both based on the Panzer 38(t) and served the same purpose/mission. The Panzer 38(t) was a Czech tank built before WWII and used heavily in the invasion of france by Nazi forces after the annexing of Czechoslovakia. As in reality they were short of tanks for the invasion. Although they (Hetzer's) were a more cost effective solution to the Jagtiger, and Jagdpanthers. As they were based on a proven design. Encompassing reliability, well armored (because of the sloped armor), small size, cheap to build, and a reasonably powerful gun. Of course they did have there flaws but man they look really cool dont they? :-)

  2. Thanks for that comprehensive answer Ronin, and you are of course entirely correct! I meant the Hetzer was operationally the replacement for the StuG, rather than a direct descendant. And yes, very effective and easier to hide than the larger tank hunters, though an upgunned variant wasnt so successful because it was unbalanced.