18 December 2009

Wild Blue Yonder

I'm back from a week away and now start what I consider to be a well-earned rest!

I also managed to read more of the 'Gaunt's Ghosts' series while away and came home to a few more Salamander goodies in the mail: a Dev Squad. Sweet.

But in my absence, Comrade James has unearthed news of a revised edition of 'Down in Flames' by GMT. A fantastic game orignally by Dan Verssen (who broke off to form his own company) this is a fast paced card driven WW2 aerial combat system. It has lots of supporting material and campaigns too.

Darn you Comrade - you know I wont be able to resist...
Well at least you know what to get me for Christmas now though!


  1. Packing up the Man Cave for relocation is a "rest"??? Well, it will give you the opportunity to re-discover lots of forgotten gems he?

  2. Gaunt? Pah! Read about the true hero of the Imperium Commisar Cain!

  3. Owen - true, but 1 job at a time eh?!

    Steve - absolutely, he is next on the re-readng schedule! In the meantime I cant stop listening to Alestorm!