22 December 2009

More about Brutal

From the Dark Art Miniatures Forums:

The year is 8000 in the post apocalyptic world of Perspicuus Gemma (bright gem). What was a world of beauty has been replaced with wasteland and twisted metal. Destroyed cities have given birth to new way of life. Most of the human-kind now live underground in vast cities filled with arcane devices and machinery. Many things have changed but human nature will always seek ways of preoccupying ones thoughts of reality….to forget ones own worries and to feel better with ones self at another’s suffering. One thing’s for sure….. whether you’re a true human or a mutant, everyone enjoys a good old smash um up on the vid-screens! Entertainment at its best…….Brutal is here!

You are the owner of a troupe of gladiators and you hire out your services to any that will pay your price for the ultimate in entertainment, violence in its truest form. Many Lanista follow the same path as you but only one can claim the rights to the lions share……

The Game

Brutal is a stand alone board game that allows you to pit fighters against one another in an up close and personal gladiatorial combat system set in a post apocalyptic world. The system is primarily a duelling system although any amount of players can take part which makes it great for tournament play.

The rules system is easy to learn and will get you into the thick of it in no time. I recommend that you quickly browse through the core rules (training ground) at first, just so you get an idea of what is involved to play the game. Once you have done that the next best thing is to pick one of the stock fighter templates provided and play with a single 'true human' bruiser class fighter. Look up rules for a situation as is arises. You should get a grasp of the rules within a few turns.

The game incorporates Brutal action cards which forces players think and play differently than they would with other strategy miniature boardgames. “brutal action cards” bring a refreshing change to miniature gaming.

By the time you have had a couple of fights you will see the need to develop different strategies against different types of fighters. You might also want to try out the other different races. Don’t feel disheartened if at first your fighter seams to die within 5 turns or less (I know some sweet, killer combo moves). This will often be the case if playing against an experienced opponent or just plain bad luck. Once you get more experience your fights will last much longer.

Once you are happy with the core rules you can then move on to the advanced rules which covers rules for players to create there own troupe from the slave markets and league/campaign settings which include fighter development rules for gaining skills and gifts allowing your fighters to rise amongst the ranks of the brutal fighters.

The core basics

Brutal action cards

During the course of the game each player selects cards from their own personal deck. These cards show what actions the player is attempting in a game turn. (Attacking, defending, evading etc.) A ten-side die is then rolled to see if a player’s actions are successful or not.


Dice rolls are made by the players to see if they are successful in there actions. Through-out this book you will see a ‘1d10’ or just ‘d10’. This refers to the ten-sided die needed to play the game.

During the course of the game your fighters will have certain bonuses. These are normally a positive. +1, +2 etc. Some of these might actually be negative. -1, -2 etc. The dice roll is made normally but you must subtract the negative modifier from the total. (1d10 -1, 1d10 -2 etc..)

During the course of the game your fighters may have the option of re-rolling a die. A re-roll can only be played in your own phase and another re-roll cannot be re-rolled a second time if the initial re-roll fails.

Randomiser rolls - sometimes during a game something is moved to a random location. This randomiser dice roll determines which direction and how far an object is moved too.

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