11 December 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Funny how you forget how hectic this time of year can be - especially when you are moving your place of work at the same time!

Anyhow, lots of social stuff this week has precluded too much progress with the Salamanders, though I have been continuing to do some detailing on the Commander ad his Squad whcih are comingup nicely. I have a few extra Heavy Weapon Troopers on the way now, and a Command Squad Sprue which will add a Company Champion and Banner Bearer.

Away camping this weekend and away next week with work, but hopefully I'll get to finish up the in-progress figs before I have to pack up the Man Cave for the move south.


  1. Have a great camp mate, and I see you are an uncle again :)

  2. Down to the Mornington Peninsula area, south of Melbourne

  3. Well I am in Florida myself so we will have to catch up. If you check out my blog you will see that we game pretty regularly! I am in Jacksonville. Oh also there are two conventions at Coca Beach sponsored by HMGS South. One is in April and the other is in October.

  4. Sorry General, I'm moving to Melbourne Australia! Would love to come visit you guys one day though!