04 December 2009

Southern Australian Man Cave 2009 in Review

CANCON 2009 with Tas and The Lad and Oberst Owen (and my partner Sam,part time painter girl)
TURNERQUAIDE II- the joy of losing every single game, and still having fun
ATtrition- more gaming goodness with Tas and The Lad
SWIPEX- Never ones to miss an opportunity to game in exotic (!) locations.....
Establishing the Southern Australian Man Cave in my new home,which reminds me:
Getting Divorced :) (or otherwise known as regaining gaming time) and then moving into new home with partner
Continuing the lunchtime Ivanhoe sessions with the crowd at work

Major Games Bought
Uncharted seas, with 2 fleets (thanks to Tas)
Bought into AT-43 (thanks to Tas)
Combat Commander Pacific (nothing to do with Tas)
Trafalgar (some Tas influence)
Bloodbowl Computer Game (Tas......resistance is futile!!)
Ambush Alley (helloooo Oberst Owen!)
Force on Force (the larger scale version of AA)
Continued 40K and Warhammer fantasy and FLames of War purchases

Played Mostly
Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, FLames of War, Ivanhoe

Modelling Highlights
Actually did some..thats a highlight!!
Pinned my first model, 40K Tau Broadside Battlesuit..weak ankles, BIG guns....
Christened my GW SPray gun, undercoated 36 Fire Warriors, and 3 vehicles with one paint pot in 20 mins
Built and now 3/4 painted Ork Trukk
Built 3/4 Ork Battlewagon
Built and roughcoated a 40k ruined building
Commenced work on first Tau squad of 12.....I said 'commenced'.....

2010 Forecast
Finish Tau....
Finish Battlewagon
Finish Trukk
Start and finish English 1/1200th scale fleet for Trafalgar
Start and finish Human Imperial fleet for Uncharted Seas
HOPEFULLY purchase and get into Vietnam mod for Flames of War
Continue Tau vs Space WOlves campaign with Jase
Continue to nag Tas about Bloodbowl computer game
Establish regular gaming group for boardgaming

Removed husband status, continued to perform role of father, discovered what was meant by 1-1 scale terrain modelling :(,

1 comment:

  1. A few thoughts mate:

    - The combined activities have definately been my fav events of the year. We must ensure we keep up the momentum in 2010!

    - I'm thinking some sort of Space Hulk and/or 40k event is due sooner rather than later

    - Good to see I've had a bad influence on things other than my own bank account!

    - will make sure my first Uncharted Seas fleet is something other than Human

    - reloaction of Man Caves seems to be the doen thing in recent years!