25 November 2019

Visiting The Shire (pic heavy)

I was recently relaxing  in NZ (or "over the Ditch" as we antipodeans say - in both directions actually) and amongst my wanderings took the opportunity to visit the Hobbiton movie set on the North Island.

Aided by a sunny day, spring blooms and a myriad of other details (including woodfire smoke from chimneys), it looked exactly like the movies.

I'm going to let the flood of pictures speak for themselves (yes there are a lot of them!), and show you why the Shire is "a grand place, where gardeners are held in high esteem".

 One of the best tours I have done anywhere - Highly recommended!


  1. That's great.
    Victoria and I went in August 2014 so the weather was not nearly as nice that time of year.

  2. Looks lovely and a 'Nice day oot' but not a Hobbit in sight :(

  3. Hopefully you had some green dragon brew....

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