05 November 2019

MOAB Part 1 - The Petite Race for Africa

Last month the Lad and I (and a few club lads) attended the local annual games convention, Mother of All Battles (MOAB).  It's a long weekend event, which allows a bunch of socials and shopping, as well as time to play in some games.  Last year it was Gaslands - this year we played in a more  narrative African adventure game, again put on by Frank and Sven.  And a cracking job they did.

The game hosted 8 players, each playing different factions and each with specific primary and secondary objectives.  Some of these objectives were mutually exclusive, many were not. But all were secret and nobody knew what anybody else wanted - which made for some great interaction and, inevitably, double crossing!

The British, French, German and Belgian players had colonial style aims, the local tribes were trying to rescue their Princess from the vile Zanzibari slavers.  Another Slaver faction wanted to maintain the slave trade but also replace the Zanzibari as the cartel leaders, and the Ruga-Ruga were essentially mercenaries for hire.  Comrade James was Ze Jermens, Reilly was the Ruga-Ruga and I went with the universally hated Zanzibari.

What a cracking game - there was mystery, intrigue, politics and backstabbing: everything necessary for a fun afternoon gaming!  Sven and Frank kept everything flowing very well, giving everyone the latitude to play they wanted while also guiding the narrative.  A superb job and 4 hours flew by very quickly.
Ze magnificent German Riverboat flotilla
The bow gun on the riverboat
Blundering British explorers in the Jungle

The Ruga-Ruga push forward

The Belgians advance from their encampment
Le Francais Pas de Charge
Fierce local Tribesmen, determined to get their Princess Back

My peaceful Zanzibari relaxing in their Tembe - no bother to anyone and only interested in advancing commerce
Highlights included the Hunt for the Pink Zebra, Germany "accidentally" triggering a European War, Goats on the roof of the Tembe, rampaging Rhinos, and explosive baggage that Wile E. Coyote would have been proud of. What a hoot!
Trouble: British and Ruga-Ruga commander plotting and pointing at my Tembe!

More Trouble at both front and back doors to my Tembe!

Comrade James demonstrates his fine abilities at Naval Gunfire Support!

Ze Jermans advance from the River - the Tembe is getting very popular!

Is he laughing at my burning Tembe? I shall be revenged!
Sometimes, a slaver just has to know when the jig is up and beat a hasty retreat

Making my escape as the wolves close in from all directions
What pink Zebra?
Frank and Sven brought all the figures and scratch built all the terrain and tokens - a really great job and you can see some more at their great Adventures in Lead blog: http://adventuresinlead.blogspot.com/

Thanks again for a great game guys! Classic gaming and good times with my son, my mate, and new friends.
The post-game Ruga-Ruga commander declares his aims and objectives


  1. A great write-up Paul and some great shots too. Thanks for playing again this year, it was great to see you all at MOAB and a pleasure to host for you. You guys are just a great bunch and awesome players.

    1. I think you reap what you sow Frank. You and Sven not only bring a bunch of lovely toys for us to play with, but present a game that is fun and inclusive that generates camaraderie in spades. Thanks very much to you both!
      (and at least this year we didn't get an official "sush" from the bouncers for having too much fun at our table!)

  2. I have been thoroughly enjoying Frank's posts on MOAB, but great to read this report. It looks like an absolutely fabulous game.

    1. Thanks Michael - the pics barely do it justice, it was a delight to play on.
      But it was Frank and Sven's hosting and player encouragement that made it so much fun and an afternoon filled with laughs

  3. Looks amazing! I admit I was more than a little jealous when I saw the table beforehand. The tembe looks even better in real life than it did from the build photos.

  4. What rules were you using? I do like that Tembe!

    1. Simon - they were a homegrown set of rules that sued a neat card based activation system which kept everyone involved throughout and not waiting around for 7 other players to complete their turns.

      You can see more of Frank's tembe build here: http://adventuresinlead.blogspot.com/2019/10/african-tembe-build.html