02 January 2016

Catching up with the Dux!

Day 3 in country and the Dux has already taken me out for a beer and a game - what a guy!
A mate, a beer and a game: a feast for a King!
We met up today after he was kindly babysitting my car for the last few weeks.  After a quick trip to the local Good Games shop for a hobby fix we attended the Bavarian Bier Cafe for a schnitzel, a litre of beer and a snappy introductory game of The Battle for Hill 218 (The Battle for Hill 218) - a fun little game with clearly a bit of depth which I am yet to consider sufficiently closely to prevail!

Great chatting up and planning our assault on this year's projects including Jugula, 6mm ECW and Muskets and Tomahawks.  To start with anyway!
When the schnitzels came out, the gloves came off!
I also received a kind gift of a Palm Tree to celebrate my recent elevation in status:
In case of confusion I refer you to the classic movie "Mister Roberts"

It was fantastic to catchup after two years and we will shortly be starting our Wed night gaming sessions - cant wait!


  1. Beer, Schnitzel and Gaming? that may be the very definition of "Nirvana"

    Watch out for Ensign's named Pulver.

    1. I will...and I'll be sure not to cancel movie night too!

  2. Starting the year as you mean to finish! Looking forward to more blog reveals!!!