22 January 2014

Painting Comp Update - Week 6

Six weeks into the Painting Challenge and while the race between Alan, James and I is far from over, Alan has a lead that will be tough to beat.  I'm slightly above the curve to meet my 500 points and am about half way through my Brit Para force which is worth around 300 points and will get me over the line well.  I know Comrade James has some 28mm WW2 US Infantry on his painting desk too, but CanCon will no doubt take the next week from us painting to enjoying some actual playing!
You can see that that cad Alan took maximum advantage of my Community service in Weeks 3-5!
I asked the boys and they all agree that the fortnightly bonus rounds are great and working well.  Apart from the extra points, it lends a great focus on top of just the projects on the table.  The quality of the submissions are just amazing too.


  1. Its great watching you Guys going for your own race and may the best brush win :D
    lots of nice work coming from all three of you

  2. Get ready to update that graph, Comrade.

  3. Looking good, but James sees to romping away with the honours.

  4. Looking forward to seeing these Brit para's!

  5. I'm preparing for a late charge.....:-) Dux has won already having cracked 500 first, but e race for second is far from over, and it ain't over till March ! :-)

  6. Very funny graphic and excellent entries by you three.
    Keep that going !