28 January 2014

2014 CanCon Blood Bowl Tourney!

Hi there, Right Stuff here.  2014 CanCon hosted a Blood bowl tournament which is the National Championships.  I competed in the tournament for my third time. This time though I took a race that I was not used to playing, That race....Pro Elves. I am normally a Bash coach but I recently took interest in the speed and agility side of the game and have taken the elves to the tourney.

Here's my starting roster:
2 x Blitzers
3 x Catchers
1 x Thrower
6 x Lineman
1 x Re- Roll

Game 1: Chaos
Score: 2-0 Win
Cas: 1-1
Catcher Gained Dodge Skill
Right stuff enjoying the glow of a Round 1 win!

Game 2: Undead
Score:1-2 Loss
Cas: 2-3
Bought 4th Catcher after the game. I wish I'd bought an apothecary first.
Blitzer Gained Dodge Skill
Catchers 3 and 5 gained dodge

Game 3:Dwarf
score:1-2 Loss
Lineman was -av
Thrower gained Leader Skill
Catcher Gained Dodge
Catcher gained +AG
Clearly something interesting was unfolding at this point...!
Game 4: Dwarf
Catcher was -St. Lineman was -MA
Blitzer(other one) gained Dodge Skill

Game 5: Lizardmen
Score: 1-3 Loss
Thrower was MNG. Lineman MNG
Catcher gained +MA

Game 6: Chaos
score:3-0 Win
2 St Catcher killed (but I won some new block dice by having the first player killed in the round!)
Blitzer gained guard - this Blodging Sidestep Guard piece was amazing!!!

Game 7: Chaos Pact
score: 2-0 Win
cas: 1-4

After all that I placed 23rd out of 46 players with a record of 3 wins 4 losses, and got a cool Beast of Nurgle figure from the West Coast Quake as a prize.  Thanks to all my opponents for the fun games.  I am looking forward to next year where I will either take Lizardmen or Skaven but until then... or my next post..... Goodbye!!
My cool prize (pic from the West Coast Quake site here)


  1. nice write up right stuff!
    pro elves are a tough agility race to start with - very cool skillset but lacking a lot of the basic/most powerful skills.
    good job making sure you always scored touchdowns!

  2. The new block dice turned your luck then!

  3. Great effort Right Stuff! BTW did you get that Nurgle because of the resembance??????

  4. Cool report RS!
    Clearly, you were the bane of all things "Chaos" that crossed your path!
    One of these days you should post a pic of your elf team too!

    Oh, and congrats for such cool prize!