16 October 2012

Judge Dredd

Went to see the movie on the weekend - very cool.  Sure it had bits that might have been better, but was it a rollicking yard of our fav Judge in Mega City One filled with action and mayhem?  You bet!  And no taking his helmet off in this version, thank you very much!

So I got home, unsuccessfully searched for my old game "Block War" and pledged $5 for a Judge Dredd figure in the current Kickstarter game.  I wont be playing JD skirmish games, but he'll make an awesome Human Player for Blood Bowl!  Or a Referee for a variant of DreadBall...DreddBall: "You made a foul Creep!" - BLAM! (and yes, I'm proud of my self restraint in not getting a big package deal!)


  1. Looking forward to seeing Dredd 3D.
    Dredd Ball....awesome!
    Don't forget to run some players over with a Mega City Fats pitch invasion. :)

  2. The $300 level was an awesomely good deal in the end...

  3. Sure was Steve, sadly I blew more than that on DreadBall though so the cupboard was somewhat bare...and Mrs Man Cave was onto me!

  4. The JD bust on this page - where is it from? Please tell me if you know.