25 October 2012

Beers with a new Buddy

This week the stars finally aligned and I got to meet up with Alan of Dux Homunculorum fame (infamy?). And where do gamers go to meet up and have at good chat? Somewhere with beer of course!  Beverages, burgers and discussions on everything from travel to favourite gaming periods and blogs all naturally ensued.   Sadly, no Brian Blesseds were in attendance on this occasion.
Image courtesy of Dux-Cam
The hours flew past pretty quickly but we have some definite plans in place to trade gaming tutorials - he to learn Incursion and me to learn SAGA.  From what he tells me it would be right up my alley - I already have the figs and no doubt the Lad will be beating me at that soon too!  He also got me thinking (again) about Arthurian gaming with his tales of being a clever chap studying Late Roman History in Britannia.  Great to meet you Alan - looking forward to the next session!


  1. Beer and gaming chat is always good!

  2. I always wondered what you two looked like....excellent beardy efforts from you both.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Happy days indeed and brings in mind your visit of years gone by. I think my liver has just about recovered....;-)

    It is always good to meet up with fellow bloggers.

    All the best,


  4. Its good to talk (and drink beer)

  5. Man, those are some bloody chainsaws! These two Blood Bowl figs look great...err, wait a minute.

    Have fun with SAGA, it is a GREAT game!

  6. Great result guys - meeting up with other gaming Bloggers is always a great thing to do!

  7. The RedOak...a fine beery place. Haven't been in for ages



  8. This explains the strange lights in the sky last night. Two mighty bloggers collide.

  9. Great stuff Paul. A few drinks and a chat with fellow wargamers is got to be good.

  10. That bloke on the left is a damn handsome man.