09 October 2012

Building an Elder God

Picked up this fun game the other day, which turns out to have been a kickstarter project by Signal Fire Studios.  A Fun card building style game in which you attempt to build your own Eldritch Horror before the others, and you get a shotgun to make sure too!

The family of 4 played together first up (the Lad won) but the girls bailed on us after that and we male cultists lined up to do battle once more...accompanied by chants of R'lyeh Cthulu fhtagn...and exclamations of "I will swallow your soul!!!!"  Good times indeed :-)

Have you ever wanted access forbidden knowledge to tap into the hidden secrets of the universe and the dark mysteries of the Great Old Ones? Of course you have! These secrets will allow you to grow you very own incarnation of a tentacled horror from beyond the veils of space and time. Oh, sure, some would call you “insane,” but who will be laughing when your new pet devours their home town?
Problem is, some of your research buddies have acquired the same dark knowledge as you and are working on growing their own monstrosities. No way do they get to steal your glory! You must ensure your beast is complete first—which is why you brought your trusty shotgun. And if your precious, slimy baby is injured you brought your travel copy of the Necronomicon as a little healing insurance. Do whatever it takes … for whoever’s first grows to completion wins … everything!


  1. What a great idea! must give that a go!

  2. I looked at this when I was in the store the other weekend. Looked interesting...

  3. Awesome! I just saw that in my FNGS and now I think I'll go and get it. Cheers!