26 July 2012

EucBowl Aftermath

As part of our adventures at EucBowl, RightStuff and I both became members of the NAF (http://www.thenaf.net) so our first tourney results would count.  In the aftermath it seems that I am now the 6th best Khemri coach in Australia, and Right Stuff is number 13 for Slann!  I should definitely switch teams while I'm ahead :-)

Rankings for Khemri
#Real NameUsername (Naf Number)NationRating
1Andrew RintoulBig-A (11857)Australia180.19
2Michael langleyMick_L (9907)Australia170.63
3Bradley milnerredcard (12867)Australia168.13
4Steven ThomsThomsy (8444)Australia161.33
5Bill Murphysangraal (2412)Australia161.12
6Paulmancaver (18526)Australia159.7
7Andrew Vullingshadow (439)Australia158.65
8Peter Arentsentribalsinner (8951)Australia157.73
9Brendan MorrisonGardenGnome (7037)Australia156.3
10Daniel HutchinsonD_Arquebus (9252)Australia155.82

Rankings for Slann
#Real NameUsername (Naf Number)NationRating
1Mark ForsterKanga1869 (14332)Australia160.65
2Daniel HutchinsonD_Arquebus (9252)Australia160.49
3Nathan Eylesfalcon_cup (16685)Australia154.66
4Liam Tennantosoi (11834)Australia152.64
5Stephen BabbageBabs (54)Australia150.94
6Brendan MorrisonGardenGnome (7037)Australia150.88
7Paul MorrisCreature (8441)Australia150.29
8Andrew Vullingshadow (439)Australia150.24
9Bill Murphysangraal (2412)Australia150.18
10Liam Nelsonvandervaart (17536)Australia149.8
11Darren Palamarahoggle67 (16912)Australia146.73
12Steven ThomsThomsy (8444)Australia144.34
13ReillyRIghtStuffReilly (18758)Australia143.82
14David Aspaspie (13169)Australia142.91
15Ross Trowerlootpuppy (13251)Australia138.04
16Kurt WithersScar (12865)Australia133.83
17David MudimanMuddi (16193)Australia133.71
18Andrew GoddeJoeKano (1890)Australia129.87
19Jeff ShortlandIronside (11819)Australia125.49


  1. Great work chaps and looking how close the Slann rankings are I can see Right Stuff leapfrogging a few next tournament.

  2. Congrats guys. I try to add what position I'm in compared to the rest of Canada in all my team pages, you should do the same!