18 July 2012

Eucalyptus Bowl

Hi, Right Stuff here and here is the report of how I went at the biggest tournament in Australia, Eucalyptus Bowl.

Now my team choice was interesting but being a rather naive 11 yr old, I took Slann. Here is the team roster that makes up the Cold Blooded Croakers.

   The Cold Blooded Croakers

  1. Hemlock
  2. Blitzer with Strip Ball
  3. Catcher with Dodge 
  4. Catcher with Sure Hands
  5. Catcher with Pass Block
  6. Catcher
  7. Lineman 
  8. Lineman
  9. Lineman
  10. Lineman
  11. Lineman
   3 Re-Rolls
   1 Fan Factor

 Game 1:Dwarves (No Team Name)
 It all started when I won the toss and elected to kick. I set up and readied myself for the slaughter that I thought was to come. He the set up with everyone on the line and after rolling good weather the match was on!   He started turn one with some blocks on the line a stun here and there but nothing completely horrifying. pick up the ball, moved some guys Hey Presto! He had a cage.  I then did what Slann do best, use the leap and leapt into the cage got the ball and ran towards the End zone. Completly horrified and out of position he couldn't reach so I ran in.1-0 Slann. we set up again and he did the same thing so I jumped in again except skulled out. I then tried again and again until it worked on turn 7 when I did the same as before got the ball and ran in. 2-0 Slann to call halftime. Then I got to receive i did some risky things that paid off(casualizing a Runner and a Blocker and knocked out the other Runner and another Blocker), And then scored. 3-0 Slann. Right, 6 turns to go. If I can turn him over and score again then that would be legendary but my dream started going down hill when he knocked out a catcher and a lineman and cazzed a Blitzer and a lineman. When hope got up again as the sky turned cloudy and rain begun to fall on the pitch. I thought it was great because his runners were out and I had some AG 4 so I sprinted down there and stalled, till turn 8 when I scored the fourth and final touchdown of the game.
Game 1 Result:
TD: 4-0 Slann

Game 2: The Raging Wood(Wood Elves)
This is the game where Nuffle started to turn against me. I won the toss and elected to kick realizing what a mistake I had made i placed the ball and we were ready to go. Nuffle really didn't like me this game and my one player that made him scared, Hemlock, was imediatly eliminated by being knocked out by a thrown rock on the opening kick off. he picks up the ball with a catcher and makes a bubble around the ball carrier i get a guy leap in and...Skulls! Re-Roll. Skulls! My Blitzer goes down and is casualised. He then ran up hand off and touchdooooooowwwwwwwn!1-0 Woodies. We then set up again. and of course it a blitz he gets under the ball,catches it, and get him protection. Since i was completely not ready I couldn't get to him so 2-0 Woodies.Set Up. Blitz. 3-0 woodies. the Half time siren sounds and both teams return to the team lockers, my team in defeat with 3 casualties against the froggies so far and 3-zip down in the scoring game(the exact game they are meant to win)they are signaled to get back out on the pitch and soon enough the ball was in the air and right into the hands of a lineman.Just to be smacked down by yet a third Blitz! 4-0 Wood Elves. Then the next  drive went exactly how you would expect them to. Another elf touchdown.Then hopefully i could score on the last 2 turn drive. No. It just had to be another Blitz. So in this Game i got a serious dose of being Elfed.

Game 2 Result:
TD: 6-0 Wood Elves
Cas: 5-2 Wood Elves

Game 3: Humans (Unknown Name)
This game game was about the same. He wins the toss and elects to kick.so we set up...(at this point i am hoping for it to not be a Blitz. But it was a Perfect Defense. Much to my delight i score!(And there was much rejoicing)(Horay)but then He scores. He scores again.Then he kills Hemlock and a lineman,and then scores again.And Again.And Again And Again. At the end of the game i found out he was NAF rated #4 for playing Khemri,Humans and many other teams in Australia so yeah.

Game 3 Result:
TD:6-1 Humans
Cas:5-0 Humans
Kills:2-0 Humans

So yeah thats how my weekend for ya. But at least ill get to play my dads Chaos Dwarves that he won . When he paints em up and they will get chewed by my chaos team the Knights who say Ni. But thats another weekend in the life of Right Stuff.


  1. Sounds like you had fun despite the chuckles from Nuffle.

  2. Great games sometimes the dice just get ya

  3. Ouch! That 2nd game was brutal (not that the 3rd hurt much less). Wood elves are a tough match up for Slann. But 2 Blitzes in a row? Nuffle is a fickle god. At least you had a great game 1 so know how to make them sing

  4. Boy oh boy... did Nuffle had an eye on you in that day or what?!

    Congrats for a very good first game, and just dont stress too much about the other two.
    There's a couple of races which, no matter how good coach you are, if those dice are against you there's not much you can do (and yes, Slann is one of those races).

    Kudos for having a go with them in a tourney!

  5. Great tournament report. You were off to a great start with the Slann. That dwarf player just didn't know how to deal with you! It's a pity your luck soured so early with game 2, but multiple blitzes in a game can really ruin your day. Lastly though. I reckon that even getting one TD against the number 4NAF rated player is a bit of a triumph. Hope you had a good time regardless.

  6. Cool report. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  7. Little Dude - awesome report! I was sitting next to you for two of those and had no idea what was going on. I think you did awesomely and dont forget you were the youngest coach out of 71 players :-)

    Looking forward to some games when I get home buddy and don't forget to shine my medal until I get home. Luv ya, Dad