23 July 2012

BB Team Naming Help

While the Snr Caver goes away the Jnr Comes out to play(not like i did anyway :) )That's right , Right Stuff here and I am telling you about this amazing site i heard on Zlurpcast Tactic Zone. The site is called Gitzman's Gallery and on it is many many Warhammer Fantasy Maps and so people who like making their teams from places in the old World(like me)you can go through them and find a place them make your team! For example, I decided i wanted to play Vampires on the Computer so i went through some maps found some history and came up with the name.... Cripple Peak Creepers! I then went and did Chaos Dwarves and did the same thing and got ..... The Dark Land Decimaters! so these map go from the Ogre Kingdoms in the East through the empire and all to the Dark Elf Lands in the west so yeah these maps are big!

Enjoy the website!

Right Stuff Out


  1. Great tip on the map site and naming ideas. Thanks!


    1. if you don't mind, tell me what are some ideas for teams so like the Altdorf Annihilators(Human).

  2. I found the logos quickly so there was somthing there so just forget about the design on the decimator logo

  3. I had a fairly successful human team, The Erengard Chargers, many moons ago. I've always liked the idea of naming teams after old world cities.

  4. That's a great link, thanks!

  5. Nice work buddy! That'll help me come up with the background for my new Chaos Dwarf team :-)

    Good luck in the Canberra Cup this weekend!!!!

  6. thanks for sharing.

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