22 March 2012

Blood Bowl Referees

In the old days Referees were an active part of the game, but now they are just a bit of sideline fun.
Here are mine, which reflect the multicultural nature of the game!  I still have a gobbo Ref to finish off to complete them.


  1. I love those, our commish always had his on the table when he played a game.

  2. Excellent; not sure I fancy arguing with the chap hiding a small tree trunk behind his back!

  3. Nice! I have that dwarf ref, one of the older paintjobs I have, someday I'll repaint him. I do miss the old 'Ref's got his eye on you' rule.

  4. I've never seen that elf ref before. Need to pick up a few ref, cheerleader and fan models soon. A new bi-weekly Sunday league is starting up at a local pub.


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