21 June 2011

Photographing terrain

Another neat series of articles about taking pics, from basics to special effects.  I am again reminded that I need to sort out my lighting if I ever want to do anything about improving my images


  1. I need to do this myself but it seems very professional even for me:D

  2. Yah, lighting is everything but who has the gear?
    I try to use a tripod and slow shutter speeds in indirect sunlight - but mostly I just point the camera and let the auto sort it out. Paint Shop Pro sorts out many issues.

  3. Paul, I think your photos look pretty damn good...but what do I know
    (just kidding) seriously they do look good.

    Dick aka Captain Richards

  4. Agreed re your photos looking mighty fine, anyway. For lighting, digital or filmic, I was once told that the best is provided by the sun, on a lightly day or in the shade of a tree. Kinda like for wedding photos. Have to say from my own past experiments that I agree. Of course, for the british and others from cloudy climes, that might not be an option.

  5. I really need to learn how to build a light box. I want to get into photography but I'm having the hardest time getting good lighting in my house. I think your photos look great, though.