22 October 2010

Game 1:Painted Figures Play Better.....

After 15 years from the day they were painted by a friend of mine and Tas's (Matt), my Dark Elf BloodBowl team finally had their first 'proper' game. Each year my games club, Group North Historical Wargaming Society, holds an internal Bloodbowl tournament. The tournament is run over as many nights as needed for each player to play each other, and this year I was hoping to do better than my win-less last placing last year......

So on Wednesday night, the Coromandel Nightmares faced off against a rival Dark Elf team, the SOmething Something Revenge.... I lost the toss and kicked off, but through some bloodbowl luck was able to get the ball from my opponent and run it in for a touchdown. For the uninitiated, Bloodbowl Luck is when everything is going spiffingly then you fail a sure roll and your opponent (me) is able to snatch an interception... The remainder of the half was simply dark elves beating up each other for no score, which again was very Bloodbowl-like.... I received the kick off in the second half, and was able to create a corridor with no opponents in it to try and intercept my linemans pass to my blitzer who was in the opponents half. She (I was using a Witch Elf as the blitzer) raced at full pelt for the endzone, and managed two 'Go for its' to run it in for Touchdown no.2... I nearly handed my opponent a chance to make a come back after tackling and getting the ball, attempting to pass it clear of my half only to have it intercepted by his fastest player, who stumbled on his second 'Go for it' literally one square short of the end zone...another of my players grabbed it up and we kept it for the remainder of the game to run out the clock.

So Game one and I'm already doing better than last year...next week I'm up against a mystery team and will report as soon after I can..


  1. Bravo and Good show matey! Still love this old favourite. Reckon the Lad might be up for a game of this nowadays too...

    Good luck next week - you playing campaign rules too or just a league?

  2. Great blog mate, never played Bloodbowl but after redaing that i might have to have a closer look at it and add to my "projects" list !

  3. Tecian, its well worth it mate, its the only game I've played where you genuinely have a great game even if you lose, because the crazy stuff that happens is just cool :)

  4. Tas, its a regeneration league, ie the players don't carry over injuries between games, so each game is exactly like the first. Also means we can't alter the team composition once the season begins, bit like a 1 or 2 day tournament. Makes player selection interesting cos you need a team that can take all comers...
    5 games, 3 pts for a win 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. At the end of 5 games the two teams with the highest score play a grand final. In case of a draw, it goes donw to points for/against ratio, and after that casualties ratio...love the last one ;)

  5. Excellent, sounds rather like Shamrock Cup rules then.

    The Lad has nominated for an Orc team (after I regaled him with stories of Orcs literally ripping apart my Skaven) so the hunt for figs for him is on.

    In the meantime I've scrounged a board and a set of the cards and there are rumours that my original foam board has been seen in the last few years too so I'll send out the trackers!

  6. Orks! Excellent choice....the good news is you can down load the latest rules from the GW website in the specialist games section (Called Competition Rules Pack) and you no longer need the dirty tricks cards...