31 October 2010

Blood Bowl

Comrade James's recent Bloodbowl posts have started me itching for a game - only fair I guess, I corrupt him regularly... and we are overdue to contest our own personal grudgematch: The Shamrock Cup (its a long story).  Plus, Ive come to realise that the Lad is probably about ready for BB from a rules perspective.  So whats about?

First Up- I'd forgotten the Eucaplyptus Cup, an annual event held in Sydney which is a little far away, but has some fun stuff there.

Ironically, I also found a new BB tourney in Canberra (the ACT BB League)  now that I've moved away too...

And even the local Melbourne League is over an hour away.... They run a campaign league and recently a weekend tourney- "Blocktober"!

AUSBowl also provides some good stuff for Aussie players:

I also have a team of these lovely ladies in the Man Cave somewhere waiting for some attention (and paint). They are made by the Australian Company Shadowforge, who do some great female BB teams including Nuns and She-Orcs! http://www.shadowforge.com.au/

Goblin Forge does some interesting fantasy football figs:

as does Heresy: Minotaurs, Cyclops & Barbarians:

For a laugh, check out all these special minis made over the years for special events:

The NAF is a worldwide BB organisation with all sorts of docs and goodies available


And there are lots of good tactics articles at the BloodBowl Playbook website:


Finally, those of you wondering what all this BB stuff is about should consider:
Rugby + American Football + Violence + possibility of death + fantasy monsters/creatures/beings = Blood Bowl

Now go read the free articles at GW:

Got another good BB resource or link? Let me know!


  1. Bloodbowl is just about my favourite game EVER. Leagues make the game infinitely more enjoyable. Having a break from it for a while, I had played it almost every week for the last 4 years. Not many games have that sort of lasting power with me.

    Great game to play win, lose or draw.

    Best game I've ever played was my Halflings managing a draw against a very established Chaos Dwarf team. I managed to KO his Bull Centaur and to kill his Minotaur. Lots of my little guys suffered the same fate but many a Halfling fan were found to be walking the streets chanting "WE DIDN'T LOOOOOOOSE!"

  2. Awesome - it really is a fun, crazy game where anything can happen and usually does!

    Would love to see some pics of your teams Timbo!

  3. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the link and if you ever want any tactical advice give me a shout on my forum!