13 October 2010

Death Angel - first game

Yes it has arrived - sweet :-)

First up - love the components: great quality, nice card texture, great graphics. Very cool.
Most importantly, the Lad bent down to sniff as the box was opened for the first time, exclaiming 'ahhh....that new box smell!" The young Padawan has learned well!

I must admit that I found the rules a little confusing to start with, but then once I had a play through with the cards in hand and it all made sense pretty quickly.

First full game last night - the Lad took Scipio and Zael combat teams while I took the Librarian and Sgt L.
Wow- talk about tense!  Stealers running everywhere, not enough firing opportunities, real coordination required between squads.  We managed to pull off a win, but only just and after losing 5 of our 8 marines.

Brother Zael's heavy flamer is awesome - load him up with some support tokens for timely re-rolls, and you can really take care of those swarms with righteous and purifying flame!

And to top all that off I gave Comrade James a bit of a spin through the rules (he bought a copy too) and we confirmed a technical proof of concept to play over Skype - looks very promising and I look forward to climbing through a Hulk at your side next week buddy!

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