23 September 2010

WWW2 Japanese

One of the things im medoately evident about all the WWW2 rules and figs are that they are all Europe-centric: No banzai charges, Pacific island invasions or brave, stoic Aussie types...

...but it would seem that thats about to change with the new AE-WWW2 Pacific Module:

Welcome to the first army list from our upcoming Pacific War expansion. The rules in this issue cover the Imperial Japanese Army. This list is well past the beta testing phase, but we are still very interested in what players think about the mechanics and play style of the Japanese in AE-WWII. We hope you have as much fun trying these guys out as we did writing and play testing them.

I dont think its going to change my complete inability to play Aussies in a game though - the odd hero of course, but not an army.  I just couldnt retain my cool, good-sport demeanour!

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